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  • Exclusive License to Memorable phone number*
  • Complete CRM with unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited Customer Leads
  • Contact Auto Capture
  • Live Call Transfers
  • Call Tracking
  • Email Auto Responders
  • Create and distribute Deals/Coupons
  • Display ads
  • Call Forwarding
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Phone Verified Reviews
  • Text/SMS Marketing
  • SMS/TEXT Campaigns
  • 1-on-1 (2-way) Text
  • Text Auto Responders
  • Text Keywords
  • Email Marketing
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Our Core Features

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Unlimited contacts

Every call you get and every text you get from unique phone number is added to your default contact group. However you can upload your own contact list using excel format as provided. There is no limit on how many contacts you can have and use.


Exclusive Local Phone Number

Exclusive text enabled and trackable local phone number. Patients can call or text on this local number. All calls to this number is forwarded to your designated number. All texts are visible in dashboard, you can communicate with your patient 1-on-1 (2-way texting) with your patient.


Call Forwarding

All calls requesting the target zip code on your licensed memorable toll free vanity number are forwarded to your designated number. The call can be forwarded to one or many phone numbers at the same time. All calls to your exclusive text enabled local number is forwarded to your designated number as well.


1-on-1 (2-way) Text

1-on-1 text (two way) messaging with your exclusive local phone number. Text messaging is one major tool to connect with and win customers, and keep them up to date on information they need, appointment reminders and so on.


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